1984 – 2014

1984 – 30 years on

Practising pedagogy in a watching world


This is the 8th ConCrit conference, and over the years, we have had many interesting and inspiring perspectives on the driving forces behind the unfortunate changes in the pedagogical and educational fields in recent years. Every  year, the Concrit conference has offered an alternative and informal environment for professional practitioners, pedagogical researchers, students and volunteers, to share and discuss current agendas of pedagogical development across Europe.

Since the 2014 conference marks the 30 year anniversary of George Orwell’s futuristic society of Oceania in 1984, the question we want to ask is: How far is Orwell’s description of omnipresent government surveillance, of mind control, of Newspeak, of ’thought crimes‘ and of ’Big Brother’, from the present pedagogical reality? We would like to invite the participants of the conference to apply a 1984 perspective to the current political, institutional and pedagogical agendas.

The conference will consist of keynote speeches, group discussions, workshops, brainstorming and cultural events.